LÉ BENT Hats and Caps are Redefining Comfort and Functionality in Outdoor Wear

LÉ BENT Hats and Caps are Redefining Comfort and Functionality in Outdoor Wear


When you set out to buy running gear, your inclination will always be to pick out a supportive pair of shoes. Why should your feet pull all the focus? At LÉ BENT, we believe the best way for runners to use their heads is to choose their heads, starting with stylish, practical sports hats.

A comfortable, breathable, well-fitting running cap can transform your daily jaunt, keeping sunburn away and dripping sweat at bay. Do you know what sets a quality sports hat apart and ensures a great run every time?

We've crafted this guide to help runners like you discover the versatile sports cap that can keep you safe and in style, day or night. 


The Problem With Traditional Outdoor Hats

When you head to the store to pick out a new sports hat, you probably start your search by choosing something that matches your style. The truth is that many attractive hats come with unfortunate downsides.

Common problems with traditional caps include:

  • Uncomfortable, low-quality headbands
  • Poor fit
  • No breathability
  • Lack of versatility

Most manufacturers know that style is your first concern when picking out a sports cap. That's why they cheat and use lower-quality materials and manufacturing standards below the brim. Quality-focused brands like LÉ BENT design products for appearance, practicality, and comfort, so you don't need to settle to achieve superior style. 


The Le Bent Approach to Outdoor Hats 

LÉ BENT has a unique philosophy in designing outdoor hats and caps. We've highlighted the key features and benefits that set us apart from the competition.



At LÉ BENT, extreme comfort isn't an accident—it's a priority. We go out of our way to choose materials like bamboo and Merino wool that won't rub, chafe, or leave unattractive skin indentations behind. You can't duplicate the luxurious feeling of these natural raw materials. 

Our unique five panel construction, including a stretchy shock cord or leather strap back, ensures your run cap fits right every time. In addition, all our running caps are unisex and one size fits all. 

Our UPF 50+ recycled material will keep your head cool, even in direct sunlight. Airflow and breathability are part of the design. 

Comfort is one of the elements that our customers consistently rave about in reviews. We're so confident in the comfort of our product that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for one hundred days, worn or unworn.




When you don't have to think about adjusting and re-adjusting your sports cap, you can focus on what really matters: enjoying your favourite high-intensity outdoor activities. LÉ BENT's caps are high-performance technical hats, ideal for running, hiking, cycling, and more. We've designed our products to keep athletes safe so they can push their bodies to extremes and enjoy every corner of the great outdoors. 

All of our women's and men's caps incorporate the following functional features: 

  • Moisture-wicking material to keep sweat out of your eyes
  • Built-in temperature regulation for when things heat up
  • UPF 50+ sun protection to keep the burn at bay
  • Ultralight, fast-drying fabric that won't weigh you down
  • A secure adjustable fit so nothing goes flying
  • A floatable EVA brim for unexpected swims
  • Laser cut perforations for added breathability
  • A reflective logo, so darkness is no excuse to end the adventure 

Every cap is versatile, so you only need one sports hat for all your outdoor activities, from cliff diving to cross-country running. When a cap works this hard, you accomplish more with less gear.



If you love the great outdoors, we're sure you'll do whatever you can to protect the planet. LÉ BENT has committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing so our products don't harm the beautiful natural world we love to explore. 

Responsible sourcing and production are always at the top of our list of priorities. Our passion for sustainability begins with our overwhelmingly Earth-friendly materials.

In addition to its naturally anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, and odourless thermoregulator value, merino wool is compassionately sourced and endlessly renewable. This all-natural substance is the gold standard for technical performance gear. 

Furthermore, we're dedicated to utilising bamboo-based fabrics whenever possible. Bamboo textiles are breathable and low-static, with the super-soft feel of silk or cashmere. 

Bamboo is a fast-growing, low-moisture crop that doesn't require pesticides or cause soil erosion. The prolific, low-maintenance plant is easy to replace and doesn't harm the communities where it grows. 

All of LÉ BENT's bamboo is OCIAI certified. We're also part of the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production program. That means our manufacturing methods meet the highest ethical standards. 

Our commitment to green practices doesn't end when our product arrives in your hands. Our packaging comprises 95% recyclable materials, including compostable 'dirt bags.' 

Plus, the quality of our products means they last considerably longer than cheaply made fast-fashion alternatives. You won't find our sports caps in a landfill anytime soon! 


Get Quality Sports Hats From LÉ BENT! 

When it comes to protecting your head, face, and eyes, quality matters. Sports hats from LÉ BENT offer premium sun protection, laser cut perforations, and a secure, adjustable fit every time. The reflective logo provides high visibility to ensure you can hit the pavement safely, day or night.

Every great run begins with versatile, trustworthy gear. Your new favourite five panel cap is waiting for you at LÉ BENT. Visit our website to explore our seasonal collections and transform your style.


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