We've combined forces with Australia's leading female ultra-trail athlete to bring you the Lucy Bartholomew Pro Model Sock! It combines our signature blend with a few creative flourishes.


We caught up with Lucy to talk about her new sock - check out the interview below:

Your le bent pro model sock, tell us more! What was the idea or inspiration behind that?
When I was approached about collaborating with Le Bent to make a sock I didn’t really know what I wanted but I knew I wanted it to be colourful and a ‘happy sock’. The mountain used for inspiration on this sock is Mount Feathertop which is my favourite Australian mountain.

Le bent Lucy Bartholomew Pro Model Sock

So, someone buys the sock and hits the trails, what can they expect from the Lucy B pro model?
I hope it can join them on some strong memories, share some smiles and keep your feet comfortable and blister-free.   

Tell us the fun story about the first time you competed in Le Bent socks. You hadn't even tested them yet, but decided run them in competition and ended up winning? Talk us through that decision and how the socks held up etc.
I was given a pair of Le Bent socks at the Expo the day before one of my biggest races, the Ultra Trail Australia. When I was laying out my gear for the race day I just decided to try them…..for 100km! I have always been told not to try anything new on race day but I have never been good at listening to advice haha! They worked great, even in the flooded course I was able to keep my feet pretty comfortable and I figured that if I can do that with a new product it must be good.


le bent Lucy Bartholomew pro model
le bent lucy bartholomew


About Lucy Bartholomew:

Was there a defining moment when you just knew, 'this is it, this is me, this is my passion?”
I don't think so. I see it as a series of events that have led me to be in the right place at the right time and being totally stoked with my place on this earth.

Talk us through your results and the achievements you're most proud of.
I have a lot of different achievements that I am really proud of; some wins, some perseverance, some big adventures, training runs, overcoming obstacles. I am proud of who I am and staying true to me- does that count?

What role does nutrition play in your strategy or approach to maintaining peak performance, and life in general? 
I truly believe in the quote “you are what you eat” and so I try and nourish my body with an abundance of food that will help me be my best version of myself and provide the best fuel for the engine I need in my sport.

Who or what first led you to appreciate trail running and the lifestyle or culture?
My Dad. I owe him for opening my eyes to the outside world, the community of trail running and finding what I am truly capable of. He’s not only my dad but by hero, my best friend and sometimes my worst enemy ;) 

Lucy Bartholomew Pro Model Sock by Le Bent

What is a daily routine or ritual you couldn't live without?
I couldn’t live without tea. Big fan of the hot water haha

We recently saw a quote of yours which beautifully said - "Giving it everything while keeping it fun along the way." Is that you in a nutshell? And how crucial is having fun while pursuing your dreams and achieving your goals. 
That’s what I try. I never want to be so serious that I forget to look at this big picture and smile in the moments. I think this leads to a long and happy career and life. 

What does it take to have a winning mindset and what is the importance of self-belief? 
Winning starts with believing. Believing starts with you.  It’s simple. 

Is there a spiritual component to your lifestyle or world view? If so, how does this contribute to your own self belief, dedication, persistence and motivation to accomplishing your goals. 
I believe I have a very holistic approach to life. Through many experiences I have learnt what I can control, what I can’t and how to deal with both success and losses. I am surrounded by a group of people that I learn so much from and I truly believe that you become what you surround yourself with. I am grateful for the people that are in my tribe.

There’s a young girl watching this from home, with eyes wide and dreams of winning on the world stage. What advice would you give her? How would you attempt to guide her and further ignite the fires of inspiration, passion, dedication and motivation within her? What would you tell her it takes to succeed?
Have fun, stay true to you and that no result defines you; good or bad. 
These were the 3 pieces of advice I have held on to from my youth. It’s led me to my best life. 

Where in the world are you most happy and why?
Just outside. It doesn’t always have to be running but moving, or appreciating where I am and how incredibly lucky, I am to be alive.

le bent lucy bartholomew



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