They say the eyes are a window to the soul, but we reckon the state of someone's sock draw does as good of a job at telling us what kind of person that someone is... 

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for a 'fast and loose' sock draw, so long as it’s stocked with the right ingredients and getting a matching pair isn’t outside the realm of possibility. 

But whether you run a tight ship organizing your socks by colour, height and sport, or whether you haven’t worn a matching sock in years… we’ve got something that is sure to excite all sock drawers!

It's the ‘Sock Drawer... Draw’*

*believe it or not but we came up with that name without an extensive marketing focus group... Not just a bunch of pretty sock faces eh!





Socks for days! While we recommend taking the pairs out of their packaging before piling them into your drawers, finding a matching pair should be a thing of the past.


All socks in the drawer/draw come in our proprietary Signature Merino Blend - aka our secret sauce - and the reviews have been rolling in. 

Elyse Saugstad might have said it best, "I joined Le Bent because I like to work with companies that don’t just use me for my athlete recognition but actually want to truly work with me to develop the best possible product."

"Already I am stepping in to a co-lab on a women’s sock and that’s exciting for me because socks are such an important and very specific fitting piece of gear for skiing. If your socks don’t fit perfectly and the material is crap you’re going to have a bad day of skiing, no thank you."

The triple threat ski/hike/bike combo in this drawer should have all your activities and days of the week covered. Heck, we know plenty of people who sleep in them too.



Want to see and feel it for yourself?

The giveaway is open until March 18... it's as quick and easy as putting on some socks! But BYO drawer, that red number is for this employees personal socks.

Enter Here.


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